S​/​T 7"

by Corrective Measure

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Recorded by Ryan Abbott
Artwork by Brendon Simmons

Vocals- Braden
Guitar - Christian
Bass - Seymour
Drums - Adam

7" available for pre-order on Atomic Action! Records (US)
7" available for pre-order on Refuse Records (Europe)
Cassette coming out soon on Broke & Infamous Records (Europe)


released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Acceptance
You're who's to blame
You're whose footsteps we followed in
You couldn't stay ahead
You couldn't stand united
So you let us down instead
We don't share the point of view that unity is dead
You used to share our spirit
You used to be our friend
Then negativity took control and got inside your head
Now we can trust a single word that you have ever said

Can't you see we're sick of you
Parading your opinions when nothing that you say holds any truth
I guess that common sense and right ideas are something wasted on the youth
Parading opinions but nothing that you say holds any weight
You say you want to change your ways
It's not too late
But you have to let go of your hate
Track Name: Break You Off
Try to find a close friend you can blame
Whoever you trust most to play your game
Saying that the rules are all too fair
Play me like a fool because I don't care

Nothing that you say
Nothing that you say is ever true

The way you act makes me sick
Friend or foe, take your pick
Either way I don't mind
You were just a waste of time
Track Name: Right Direction
I know the right direction is the hardest one to face
With people always leaning on your back
They'll tell you you're losing
They'll tell you it's a race
But never what to do to stay on track

Do not be afraid
To lay down what you have for what you know is real
Do not be afraid to feel

I know the right direction is the hardest one to face
With people always breathing down your neck
They'll tell you you're wasting time
They'll say it's just a phase
But never shine a light on what comes next
Track Name: Losing Battle
They tell you what you want to hear to get inside your head
Say they want to help you but they'd rather see you dead
Barely even living on someone else's dime

Pay their price
Fall in line
Gain no ground
Marking time

Artificially alive
Scared to face the other side
Sacrifice your strength of mind
Choke down pills to stay alive
All that's left is borrowed time
Pay their price and fall in line

Pay their price
Fall in line
Artificial state of mind
Track Name: Think Before You Speak
You've got a mouth you use more than your head
You've got a chance to end it, you start it instead
You think you're strong when you pick on the weak
You don't belong in our scene
You don't belong
You don't think before you speak
Track Name: Resort To Violence
It's tough to tell the difference
Who's real and who's pretend
Your first resort is violence
It's time for this to end

No one to blame but yourself
You blame all your problems on everyone else

So many people we don't know who to trust
The way that you act helps us shorten the list
So many people you keep pushing away
The way that you act won't bring back all the times you've missed
Count all your friends on one hand while you're clenching your fist