EP Promo Tape

by Corrective Measure

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Cassettes available via Moshers Delight

Recorded by: Ryan Abbott at Side Two Studio
Artwork by: Brendon Simmons


released March 2, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Think Before You Speak
You've got a mouth you use more than your head
You've got a chance to end it, you start it instead
You think you're strong when you pick on the weak
You don't belong in our scene
You don't belong
You don't think before you speak
Track Name: Resort To Violence
It's tough to tell the difference
Who's real and who's pretend
Your first resort is violence
It's time for this to end

No one to blame but yourself
You blame all your problems on everyone else

So many people we don't know who to trust
The way that you act helps us shorten the list
So many people you keep pushing away
The way that you act won't bring back all the times you've missed
Count all your friends on one hand while you're clenching your fist
Track Name: Out Of Line (Demo Redux)
When you need me you're my friend
That’s the only time, I’m noticing a trend
Everything you do is for yourself

You selfish prick, you’re way out of line
I’ve got no issues with calling you out
You’ve gotta know that’s not what friendship’s about
I’m getting sick of wasting my time
The way you act, it’s time that it ends
I can’t believe I used to call you a friend
I can’t believe I used to call you a friend

Selfish prick, nothing left to say
Turn your back on me again? You’d better walk away
Track Name: Smell The Bacon/What's With You (Madball Cover)